About Me

My name is Allison, nice to meet you!

I’m a third year RTA Media Production student at Ryerson University. I’m a book blogger who can run on very little sleep, drinks too much coffee, and a fan of corgis.

I originally created inlovelygrace as a portfolio site, but have long since abandoned that idea and made it into a space where I put all my writing- something I enjoy to do on my spare time. I write about life and school for the most part- you know, those normal twenty year old things. I don’t post periodically, mostly when I get an idea in my head or the time (time plays a huge factor).

My only consistent writing series is called Dear Darling, where I write open letters to my ex about our meetings since our break up. Taylor Swift-esque, I know, but they’re helpful, insightful and a good way to blow off some steam. I have yet to tell him about the series, and honestly don’t know what I’ll do when he finds out. Probably just eat a bunch of pastries and hide for a bit…

Anyways, have a wonderful day and always know, I have hope in all you crazy, foolish and lovely humans.