Stuck in a Rut

At the beginning of this year, I sought out to do things I want to do- on my own accord, against the negativity from the people around me, to make me happy.

Somewhere between the New Year and then ending things with my ex, I was, in a sense revived to do the things that I would’ve thought impossible. I’m immensely proud of those things, and am happy of the experience I’ve gained, but now, I’m stuck in a rut. Again.

I’m not lost or depressed- just overwhelmed, I guess. I either commit myself a 110% or I unplug myself from a task. I think, aside from my personal issues, I have burned out most of me, and now am struggling to finish my current task- a little project I like to call Face to Face. I’m a little upset with myself, but I’m slowly bringing myself back on track. I worked with wonderful friends and met amazingly talented people. It’s at the end of its days of post-production, and at the beginning of a new chapter of content for me.

I don’t know how to end this post. I guess this was just a way for me to convey to myself visually that things are happening, I’m getting better, and Face to Face is coming along, and I have nothing to worry about- that I’m okay.


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