It’s THAT day

Friday the 13th- the day of bad luck. But do you really believe in it?

When I was younger, I sure did, but in all honesty, any day can be a really bad day depending on your mood, what’s been planned or how you started it. I think a positive attitude can cure you on days like this– or any bad day really.

I used to think today was a bad day, and while yes, I admittedly had a rough day today, it had to do with other factors- not because of the date. And honestly, not that I’m older, Friday the 13th isn’t that much of a bad day for me anymore. I’ve learned to ignore the whole bad luck associated on the number 13 because now I’m an ‘adult’ (I use that word on VERY loose terms), Friday is Friday.

Friday means weekend and freedom.

But I will say, Friday the 13th’s still give me a spooky vibe, because I’ve thought of it as a mini Halloween scattered throughout the years as a child that I’ve gotten used to it. On nights like this, it gives me an excuse to watch scary movies or Youtube videos (however, I always question myself after I do this because I get spooked easily).

Right now, I totally admit the Dark Matters series on Cayleigh Elise’s channel on Youtube, and the BuzzFeed Unsolved mysteries are a good balance between mystery and sarcasm– it’s my favourite BuzzFeed series, right after Try Guys and Ladylike.

Also, in other news, I am currently working on a personal project for 2017, and I’m planning a cool project this year to commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday! I also have other cool things lined up as well, but I’ll tell you all in good time!

Anyways, I’m off to watch the next BuzzFeed Unsolved video– uploaded today 😀 Have a great evening everyone! xx