Going from Behind to in Front of the Camera

Recently, I did a shoot with my friend Hung of Crooked Abstract¬†for some photos to put on this site and my book blog- so you all know I’m a real person instead of a… well… one that’s not.

Before going in, I knew he was a great person and a talented photographer, but it was weird for me going from behind the camera to in front of one. Alright, admittedly it wasn’t my first time going in front of one, but it was my first time in a long time doing a photoshoot; I like acting in front of a camera better, because you’re another person when you’re acting– not yourself, so you can forgive your attitude/nature on screen. But photography, in my opinion, captures a moment forever, and for me, that’s more daunting. I guess it’s because when you’re doing anything else in front of a camera other than posing, everyone’s looking at something else that you’re doing and NOT JUST ON YOU.

While the shoot went well and Hung took some fire pics of me (and my flawless three chins), I did have some crazy thoughts in my mind the entire time…

  2. I have more than 3 chins… don’t I?
  3. Oh god, how do I pose again? What are poses? Do I look as awkward as I feel?
  4. It’s 9471480398401843019 million degrees… I probably look like a melted down clown.
  6. I’m gunna ruin this pretty landscape/building/area with my awkwardness… LOOK OUT WORLD!
  8. Oh… that wasn’t so bad.
  9. LOL
  10. I was panicking for no reason.
  11. Hey I look good. YASSSSSS QUEEN.
  12. Repeat for the next 5 hours.

Like I said, the day went well and Hung made me feel super comfortable. The photos were amazing, and I liked how I looked, and despite my insecurities at (MANY SORRY HUNG) times, those were my own fault and lack of self confidence… TILL AFTER I SAW MY PICTURES. CAN I SAY FIRE?

Anyways, I guess I’ll sum up my post with this: it’s okay to feel awkward in front of the camera at times, but you do have to let go and trust your photographer- it’s their job and passion, so let them be and prepare for yourself to be mind-blown by the fact that you look amazing as you think you do– and more.


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