Thoughts after a day at Set Scouter

Image found on Google, originally from here.

I think RTA grads are the coolest- hands down. Any other school that says otherwise is COMPLETELY wrong.

So today, I spent the day at Set Scouter, after answering a call from another RTA grad named Reuben. Set Scouter is a cool company started by two RTA grads, Lidia and Alex. The company aims to help filmmakers in finding sets for their next project by offering a simple platform for them to view properties from (pretty much) around the world.

While I was working in their office, I was thinking of a post to write, and I guess a break-down list of my time there would be the easiest one.

  1. Co-founder Alex looks like Prince William
  2. Everyone’s super friendly
  3. After learning what I needed to do for the day from Reuben, I deemed Set Scouter as awesome and the “Air Bnb of Film Sets”
  4. Some of the sites are BEAUTIFUL
  5. OSAP won’t be enough to pay for a day for some of these sets
  6. While everyone is lively in the office, it gets eerily quiet when everyone’s working– it’s a weird thing for me, a fast food worker and someone in the front lines of customers, to have SO MUCH peace and quiet. It was refreshing.
  7. From what I’ve been told about Set Scouter by Alex, Reuben, Lidia, and what I gathered from my research before I went in, it’s come a long way and RTA really has some of the best minds out there.

I guess you can tell I enjoyed the peace and quiet at a job for the day (for the first time ever, I’m still reeling from it), huh? Just as a side note, this isn’t a post to sponsor them, I’m just documenting my experience at another one of my summer ops/internships whatever you wanna call it.


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