Unpaid Intern Update: I’m Still Breathing

Image taken from Google, originally from nearjobs.co

Admittedly, I have no room to talk much, since I do have a part-time job at McDonald’s, but hey, transportation to and from Toronto to my suburgatory is pricey, so a bit of cash would be nice at times…

So… I literally got paid Friday and already spent my tiny pay on my bill and Presto Card (#RIPSavingsAccount2K16), and now I’m nervously anticipating my work schedule for next week and praying I get 3 GOOD shifts that will put money in my account and just stay.

See, as a commuter from suburgatory who relies on public transportation (in the form of the TTC, my city’s commuting system and GO Transit) and a teenager trying to prove to her parents she can adult by sucking up her (sad) pride and refusing money (unless I get really desperate and my parents fork the cash over, with surprisingly, no complaints), I usually sacrifice my “flexible” availability time at work to do unpaid internships.

I try doing these on the days that I have off, but when I run into one that I am really interested in but it doesn’t work, I sacrifice a shift at work to do these. While the experience is AMAZING, DO NOT GET ME WRONG (please see the previous post to see the last unpaid internship op I got that was amazing and honestly, loved), it’s a little sad that I have to sacrifice a days pay, then scramble for hours on another day (begging my co-workers to take my shift, and then asking for their hours), resulting in a pay that can barely cover my phone bill and transportation needs.

While I’m willing to work for free, will vouch forever that the experience is amazing, and will suck it up in the name of opportunity, I can say I’m alive and it hasn’t killed me. Which is a good thing. But I will, forever, be an advocated for paid opportunities (in any way possible) for students in the future. Why? Because it’s almost 2am as I write this, and I had to get it out because I couldn’t sleep.


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